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There are people who spend considerable time in Israel either as students, workers, or tourists. As they go on with their activities in Israel, it becomes important for them to learn Hebrew. Hebrew lessons are readily available in so many places, even online, but the best way to learn Hebrew is through an ulpan. An ulpan is an institution that teaches Hebrew through immersion.
However, whether through an ulpan or any other method, before you take any Hebrew Lessons, there are some factoids that may be of interest to you.

Today, about 7 million people speak Hebrew and most of these people are living or working in Israel. Hebrew, as a language, almost disappeared completely somewhere between the 9th and 19th centuries but was revived and became Israels official language.

Hebrew lessons will start with the Hebrew alphabet which is called the alefbet. The alphabet contains 22 consonants and no vowels. If ever vowels are needed, which is pretty rare, dots and dashes are used to represent them. These dashes and dots are called the nikkud.

Your Hebrew lessons will also reveal that there are neither uppercase nor lowercase letters, although a very few possess a different form when they are found at the end of a word. You may find yourself struggling a bit at first because the Hebrew language is written from left to right.

The best way to make full use of your Hebrew lessons is to carefully study the syntax and grammar. Then it is a matter of practice, practice and more practice. Practice involves both listening to the language being spoken and speaking the language. You may memorize all the grammar rules until you can murmur them in your sleep but you will never be able to speak the language properly unless you practice the correct pronunciation. Sitting through Hebrew lessons is not enough you will need to converse in the language also. This is why Hebrew lessons in the ulpan are through immersion. The most important part of Hebrew lessons is the conversational component.

During your Hebrew Lessons, you will reali8ze that Hebrew is similar to the subject-verb-order in English. This will make it easier for you to form sentences.
Part of your Hebrew lessons will be writing. In Hebrew writing, there are many things that need to be noted. One of them is that words can mean different things based on the way they are pronounced. It may be a source of surprise for many that there can be a number of meanings that can be derived simply with minor changes. Hebrew lessons on writing may also have some markings that can help you find out where the letters should be given stress so that they create different meanings.

It is a fact that Hebrew lessons will be challenging. This is because you need to learn an alphabet that is so different from English. There are also various phonemes that are in spoken Hebrew, but can be challenging to translate into Hebrew writing. However, once you gain enough knowledge, you will begin to discover the beauty of the language.
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Title: Hebrew Lessons

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